Time Out: Google This! (or The Color of Stupidity, Part 2)

“The Internet is a good way to get on the net.”–Bob Dole

I preferred the candidate that did not need such enhancement. Credit: Edward Cropper. Click image for link.

The above quote has to be the best thing Yogi Berra never said.  But I digress even before I get started.

With increased traffic comes increased search engine hits.  With increased search engine hits comes more great, completely irrelevant material.  I won’t bore you with repeating the whole story, if you missed the first installment of this feature, you can read it here.   So without further ado, let’s see what some of the less-than-sentient beings out there have been up to–here are more search engine queries that somehow found this blog, each followed, as usual, by my astute analysis.  (Image credit: Edward Cropper)

Vidoe— noe kiddinck?

Stupid names for your entertainment–I already covered that in detail here,  but how about….hmmm….Adam Sandler movies?

Equaions (sic!) in everyday life–the search engines speak Klingon now.

Examples of square roots in real life–my response is too terrifying for a family blog.  Click here if you must know the answer. (Actually, it’s really worth the click 😀 )

Satir Kipec–Nagrado žirija lahko podeli  (I hope that’s not obscene–I copied it from the start of the first link this search term returned.)

Figure X. Schipperke [Pronunciation: Skip-it; Origin, Dutch: Little S&$^%#–er, I mean Little Captain] Noun: 1. A Furry black dog of Belgian origin 2. Trouble waiting to happen

I’m part Schipperke–I bet you’re a little bit pregnant, too.

Examples of squares in everyday life–Bob Dole and Howard Walowitz.

Did Schrödinger’s cat blow up?–No, but it did come away with a hickey.

Malenium (sic!) conjectures–guys don’t conjecture; we just take wild guesses.

We also write wild blog posts.  Stay tuned.  There are evidently bound to be more of these.


  1. Reblogged this on kayeleenas humor blogs.

  2. i like your page 😛

  3. You’ve probably already done this, but I plugged Satir Kipec’s comment into Google translate and it is Slovenian for “Jury prize may be awarded.” I happen to agree.


  4. Mark! Your magic has worn off on us – we just received an email this morning that Arto’s recent “Orland Kurtenbach and the Legend of Flin Flon, Manitoba” post is going to be Freshly Pressed! Woohoo!

  5. Be sure to click on that link for “examples of square roots in everyday life.” It might be the best gag in the post.

  6. 😀 I agree – this sort of content needs to be published and evaluated – absolutely, positively. Since the times I started my first traditional (non-blog) website I have also been obsessed with indulging in the log files – searching for referrers from search engines by parsing the files manually in the text editor.


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