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Be sure to check out my other, much more serious blog at  It deals with the ridiculous and sublime–as well as the promise and the peril–of the future.

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I interview authors, futurists, entrepreneurs and miscellaneous experts on all aspects of the future of humanity.  Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental and Political–all the STEEP categories are on the table.  Each podcast has an accompanying web page on the site, and is also available on YouTube, PlayerFM, and iTunes.   Be sure to follow Seeking Delphi on Facebook as well.

Page links in reverse chronological order:

June 2019

Special Edition mini-cast: 2019 ending Age-Related Diseases conference preview

May 2019

#31 Ethically Aligned Design in Autonomous Systems with John C. Havens.

Special Edition: X Prize Future of Longevity Impact Roadmap

April 2019

#30 Ambient Sciene and Digital Twins with Katalin Bártfai-Walcott

Special Edition: Hightlights of the 2019 Undoing Aging conference

March 2019

#29: Sustainable Superabundance with David Wood

Special Edition: Preview of the 2019 Ending Aging conference with Aubrey de Grey

December 2018

Podcast #28: Future Driving Part 3, Intelligent Traffic Control with Griffin Schultz

November 2018

#27: Future Driving, Part Two, Flying Cars with Kaushik Rajashekara

#26: Future Driving, Part One.  Self-Driving Cars with Alex Wyglinski

October 2018

#25: Women and The Future of A.I. with Alexandra Whittington

September 2018

Special Edition: IEEE Technology Time Machine Preview

August 2018

#24: The State of The Future with Jerome Glenn

June 2018

#23: The Robot Psychiatrist with Joanne Pransky

April 2018

#22: Social Robotics and Symbiotic Autonomous Systems with Roberto Saracco

#21: The Future of Privacy In The Digital Age, with Gray Scott

March 2018

Special Edition, SXSW 2018, Minicast #4, Extreme Bionics with Aimeed Mullins and Hugh Herr

Special Edition, SXSW 2018, Minicast #3, Quantum Computing, with whurley

Special Edition, SXSW 2018, Minicast #2: Can we create consciousness in a machine with David Chalmers and Susan Schneider.

Special Edition, SXSW 2018, Minicast #1, autonomous vehicle safety, quantum computing, humanizing autonomy

January 2018

#20: Ending Aging, Part Two, with Elizabeth Parrish

December 2017

#19: Ending Aging with Aubrey de Grey

#18: U.K. 2030, Four Post-Brexit Scenarios with Jonathan Blanchard Smith

November 2017

#17:  Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems with John C. Havens.

October 2017

#16: Options for Future Human Evolution with Linda Groff

September 2017

Special Edition: 2017 Emotion AI Summit

August 2017

#15: Wearable Technology And The Future of Pregnancy with Eric Dy

July 2017

2017 APF Minicast#3; Space Commercialization

2017 APF Minicast #2: Global Health Futures

2017 APF Minicast #1: What is a Futurist?

#14: Replicating Machines with Will Mitchell

May 2017

#13: The Urban Landscape of The Future with Cindy Frewen

#12: Artificial Emotional Intelligence with Richard Yonck

April 2017

#11: Will artificial intelligence kill your job?  With Ian Pearson

#10: The Future of Cinema and Digital Entertainment with Steven D. Katz

March 2017

#9: Ethics and Emerging Technologies, with Dr. James J. Hughes.

#8: Inventing the local future with Neil Richardson

#7: 3D Printing: Homes, Cars, Food and Even Human Bodies! With Dr. Paul Tinari

#6:  Technology: The Good, The Bad, and The Existential, with Olle Häggström

#5:  Teaching and Learning The Future, with Peter Bishop and Robert Mattox

February 2017

#4: Technology Investing for The Future, with Jim Lee

#3: Whatever Happened to Fuel Cells? with William Smith

#2: The Abolition of Aging, Part 2, with David Wood

January 2017

#1: The Abolition of Aging, Part 1, with David Wood


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