Time out: I am not a twit–er, am I?

“Twitter is the devil’s playground.”–Albert Brooks

Twit–Verb,  to taunt or tease.  Noun,  an insignificant, silly or bothersome person. Neologism-any dork who uses twitter.



I have finally done what I said I would never do: use twitter.   The vanity urgency of my posts herein require I find ways to seek more lemmings a wider audience.   And seeing I am far too cheap modest to take out a billboard on I-95, I had to do something.  So if you can’t stand get enough of my inane profound rantings pronouncements, @MarkSackler is the place to avoid like the plague be.

[Note: To fully understand the gibberish in the above paragraph, read it with the crossed out words and phrases and without the italicized ones.]

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