Time out: I am not a twit–er, am I?

“Twitter is the devil’s playground.”–Albert Brooks

Twit–Verb,  to taunt or tease.  Noun,  an insignificant, silly or bothersome person. Neologism-any dork who uses twitter.



I have finally done what I said I would never do: use twitter.   The vanity urgency of my posts herein require I find ways to seek more lemmings a wider audience.   And seeing I am far too cheap modest to take out a billboard on I-95, I had to do something.  So if you can’t stand get enough of my inane profound rantings pronouncements, @MarkSackler is the place to avoid like the plague be.

[Note: To fully understand the gibberish in the above paragraph, read it with the crossed out words and phrases and without the italicized ones.]


  1. I’m avoiding twitter too, with a vengeance. I’ll be checking back in here to see how your venture into twit land goes. Best of luck!

  2. I’m up to 5 followers. (wow!)

  3. Just be careful who you play with then…

  4. go to the devil’s playground and beat’im up like the twit he is!

  5. You know how to do marketing right! If I remember your LinkedIn profile correctly it states (or has stated – I quote from memory without checking again!!) “proud of my B.S. in B.S.” – and it shows!

  6. It would take decades. My whole life is a prequel to this blog. 😛

  7. wow. with twit-feed on yr blog n’ all. go big, @marksackler! 🙂

  8. Please follow up with a post about whether you found a wider audience via Twitter. I’ve read that it takes a lot of work (then again – most good things do)

  9. jimmorrisondreamdiaries says:

    Well Twitter has been wonderful for me to publicise other people’s music etc. as a platform for them and also to announce my stories/music/advertise. Many people have followed me who are like-minded but ONE seemed odd but I just let them follow to educate others about them. Now on the other hand I had a strong feeling NOT to go on Facebook and am glad I didn’t as MYSPACE was enough to land me a contact from a famous person’s management with a view to recording one of my tracks later. So I guess everyone has Social Media they don’t like. MYSPACE helped me sell a few downloads on another site. Twitter I set up to approve comments first and my blog has parental guidance on it. I would NEVER even be on the internet if I wasn’t a Songwriter. Lots of people connected Spiritually to me and have collaborated with me, dedicated songs to me, shared ideas which we used together and separate. I did have a BAD experience of several Twitter Follower requests which were disgusting BUT took it to the Head of Twitter snf beyond. If we set up tight controls the devil will trip himself up(as he did in my case – ha.ha.). At some stage I may come off Twitter and help myself for a change BUT am very happy with how it’s set up now. The oddball will be exposed for what they are when people look into their tweets. I DON’T

  10. jimmorrisondreamdiaries says:

    Sorry hand slipped. I DON’T follow any of the people who don;t interest me to gain numbers of followers nor buy followers. I think the Internet can be the Devil’s playground however a higher power than them can stop them in their tracks as I’ve lived to see this happen. Sorry it’s long BUT I DO see what you mean here. Whatever works best for each individual…I like your etchings…Funny and Witty. Will look into the quotes too. Thanks for this thought-provoking post. Take care all.


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  2. […] other sports news, our esteemed correspondent Mark “The Shark” Sackler informs us that perennial BoFN favorite Madison Bumgarner is getting a run for his “Madison […]

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