Cosmic Quote #28

“The meaning of life is a rutabaga.”–Garrison Kiellor Used with permission
Used with permission

Here is an existential dilemma if ever there was one.  I cannot stand Garrison Kiellor, but I cannot resist jokes about rutabaga.  The word rutabaga itself is just too funny; I guess funny won out.  Maybe ‘ol Garrison drank some rutabaga-ade before making that terrible movie a few years ago.  It must have tasted like-er–well…rutabaga.  😀   For more on rutabaga, including information on national rutabaga month, check out this crazy site…  The Rutabagan

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  1. I thought the answer was 42? Did it get changed during the commercials?

  2. I think Mangelwurzel *beet* rutabaga all to …..

  3. Rutabagas are yummy, but rutabaga-ade?

  4. I saw this picture in my feed and just fell in love with it. Of course it was a post of yours, Mark! You’re one of the few who can appreciate a good word like rutabaga!

  5. I needed to google ‘rutabaga’… and to search for a picture of that vegetable. Even after learning the German name I didn’t know exactly how it looks like 🙂

  6. I never realized how political the rutabaga is. I just googled songs about rutabagas and my eyes are open now. Seriously, you may not want to go there.

  7. Fifteen comments about rutabaga. Who knew it would be such a popular topic.

  8. Hah! I knew what a rutabaga is without googling it.

    I’ll give you four out of five stars for funny words. If you haven’t seen Bulbous Bouffant, it’s worth a google.


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