Sicnarf Loopstok, Stryker Trahan and Minor League Moniker Madness–Down the Stretch They Come! (VOTE)

My monthly post on “The Blog of Funny Names” is an update on Moniker Madness with an opportunity to vote on the best name.

The Blog of Funny Names

“Who’s on first.”–Bud Abbott

“Opera in English makes about as much sense as baseball in Italian”–H.L. Mencken

A common ongoing discussion, in baseball, involves the comparison of the players of one era with those of another.  Who was better? Is there really a difference?  Can you make a comparison based on statistics alone?  Here at The Blog of Funny Names, we have a two word answer for these questions.

Who cares?

What matters here is, who has the edge in funny names?  This is not so easily answered.  We’ve profiled many of the great baseball funny names from the past and a few from the present, but nowhere can you find more funny baseball names in one place than the annul Minor League Baseball Moniker Madness, now coming into its final days on the web site.  A selection of 75 wild and crazy names are up for this…

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