BLAHS #3.2: And the winner is…

“On my tombstone just write: ‘The sorest loser who ever lived.’–Earl Weaver

It’s all over but the shouting.  Fortunately, I can’t hear you scream on the internet as long as my volume is turned down.



In a hotly contested battle, 529 ballots were cast, at least 400 of them by voters other than me.  Essa edged out Clotilda by a nose, even though I am pretty sure her nose is not the favorite part of her anatomy.  Congratulations Essa.  Or condolences, depending on how you view the BLAHS.  As for Clotilda and Sooz, I hope you are not sore losers.  Your followers tried, but could not out-stuff the ballot box.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.


  1. essaalroc says:

    when it comes to a battle of loose ethics and morals, I can not be beat. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Obviously I have been defeated by somebody clicking more often or faster than me (which is unbelievable – given my efforts yesterday!).
    But it was not easy anyway to make a decision. Essa, your victory is well deserved 😉

  3. Wait a minute….how could you be defeated when you weren’t one of the contestants? Or where you? Maybe you have a secret double identity?

  4. Congrats. to Essa….I’m sure she deserved the honor…Oh well…NEXT TIME…


  1. […] am just doing a short post today to thank Mark Sackler for awarding me with the BLAHS. I’ve gotten many awards since I started this site in May 2012, but none have been so interesting […]

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