Google This: Search Term Haiku #4

“What, never? No never! What, never?  Well Hardly Ever!”–Sir William S. Gilbert (HMS Pinafore)

Sir William S. Gilbert

Sir William S. Gilbert

Whoever said that anything worthwhile is not easy must have been talking about Google.  Really!?  Yes, really.  Search term haiku continues to increase in difficulty, as Google reports fewer and fewer of these terms.  On a recent day, for example, I was thrilled to see on my WordPress stats page that some 23 hits on this site had come by way of search engines.  I was, however, horrified to see that only three of the actual terms used were reported.

I don’t give up so easily.  So even as I try never to break my own rules for this genre, using only verbatim excerpts from terms that found this blog, let’s just say I follow them with a fortitude worthy of Sir William S. Gilbert.  You can see the full detailed rules in a previous post. So here goes nothing.  (note: As a result of my Equation of Inane Celebrity Meme Virality being Freshly Pressed a year or so ago,  this blog continues to get many “meme” related search hits.  Read that original post here.)



One Potato

Paris Hilton meme

show white girls pussy photo

she swallowed a ring.



Two Potato

Lindsay Lohan meme

a chubby mariachi

Al Capone female


Three Potato

Life is wasted meme

You can’t hear me, can you?

Smartphone distraction



Celebrity meme

Mr. Rutabaga Head

funny to Google



Heisenberg name meme

when geeky scientists can

exchange sapouse tube**


**SIC, and as Red Skelton used to say, “I just do ’em, I don’t explain ’em.”

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