Cosmic Quote #46: R.I.P. Tom Magliozzi

“Never let the facts get in the way of a good answer.”–Tom Magliozzi

The icons of Car Talk, Tom and Ray Magliozzi

The icons of Car Talk, Tom and Ray Magliozzi

With a line like that, you’d think he should have been a politician–if not a right-wing talk show host.  Thankfully, he was neither.  Car Talk co-host Tom Magliozzi died from Alzheimer’s last week.  Saturday mornings will never be the same.  They’ll certainly never be as funny.  R.I.P., Tom.

Several years ago, I was honored to be immortalized by Car Talk when they used my puzzler submission entitled “Strange Accident.”  I can’t seem to find the podcast of it–let me know if you can–but here is a reference to it on the Car Talk web site.


  1. Another of Tom’s favorite quotes always popped up when a spouse asked for validation in an argument with the other spouse: “Would you rather be happy or right?”

  2. Yes, and I think that was covered in Ray’s tribute to him over the weekend. His successful marriage solution was to stay happy and let is wife always be right.

  3. I always listened to Car Talk when I could — for the laughs, the puzzler and the banter. I have no interest in car mechanics; but I also enjoyed hearing Marty pre-guessing their diagnosis!

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