Cosmic Quote #37

“When I die, I’m leaving my body to science fiction.”–Steven Wright

Steven Wright.  Would science take this?

Steven Wright. Would science take this?

When I die, I’m just leaving.  Happy paraprosdokian spring.


  1. Thanks – so I learned a new word 🙂 First I thought I am lacking knowledge of the English term “paraprosdokian” – until my dictionary told me it is the same word in German!

    • I’m impressed that you knew it even in German. I had never heard it until I came across it in the Wikipedia article on Steven Wright

      • I didn’t knew it in German – I learned of the German word via trying to translate the English word unknown to me and found they are exactly the same.

  2. Paraprosdokian! What a word! My mind is blown that such a thing exists!


  1. […] correspondent (and Yankees Fan who is lucky Rob isn’t around right now to hate him) Mark “The Shark” Sackler, brings us this doozy of a name from The Bronx […]

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