Cosmic Quote #19

“Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born.”–Alan Kay

Image credit: Andy

Image credit: Andy Singer

Gee, the world hasn’t changed all that much in my lifetime, has it?  It’s not like people were still communicating with smoke signals in my infancy.  Let’s see–what didn’t exist when I was born?  Color TV.  Stereophonic sound.  Jet airliners.  Solid state circuitry.  NASA.  Computers smaller than a log cabin.   Ouch!  Mark!  Don’t remind yourself how old you are.  See folks, technology has me talking to myself.  I know… I know… that’s what blogging amounts to in the first place.  Now, back to the salt mines…


  1. Guess it depends at what level you look at it. We still walk upright, our main mode of transport is still earth-bound, etc…

  2. Yes…back in the 60’s, a man as visionary as Arthur C. Clarke thought our future at the turn of the 21st century would be in outer space. It turned out to be cyberspace.

    • I recently read that the notion “cyber” (as in cybernetics) is actually very retro and antedates all the cyber something hype!
      … (break in order to separate to unrelated statements) …
      Posts like this let me understand why I am intrigued by steampunk: Science fiction of a past age.

  3. I like to think my future is somewhere in the outer realms of this reality

  4. That’s where my total existence is… 😀

  5. Even as someone from a different generation, I’m feeling the same pain. So much I don’t understand or even want to understand. Which is where the talking to yourself and living outside of reality parts comes in handy 🙂

  6. Fiction – non-reality, will be reality in inversely exponential periods. Is inversely exponential a proper description of going faster, quicker, careening even?

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