Vacation Rerun: The Sackler Laws (Part One)

While I vacation with my family in an opulent mystery location,  here is a rerun quite appropriate for the current political season; or, for that manner, any season.   Fans, you will have to endure at least one more rerun before I return, if I return, if I’m still breathing.   If the ratings drop because of repeat content, I’ll run a test pattern the next time I’m on vacation.

Now for something completely ridiculous

Okay. You were promised ridiculous as well as sublime, so here goes. But be forewarned: sublime posts are speculative; ridiculous ones are not.

The Millennium Conjectures are speculations, guesses, wild assumptions. The Sackler Laws are not. They are not conjectures. They are not theories, nor hypothesis, nor speculation, nor guesses.

They are absolutely immutable laws of the universe. So you have been warned, and with that I present Sackler Law #1:

The Law of Bumper Sticker Activism

A person with one political bumper sticker on their car is a person with a cause.


A person with two political bumper stickers on their car is an activist.


A person with three or more bumper stickers of any kind on their car is a complete nut case!

As previously stated, this law is absolute, immutable, and not open to debate. It matters not the persuasion: liberal, conservative, moderate, authoritarian, libertarian, religious, atheist, vegan, cannibalistic, tea party, green party, toga party. It’s all the same. I have spoken. End of discussion. Next question please! (For a complementary, but not competing view on the subject of bumper stickers, click here.) Text in this post ©2012 Mark Sackler


  1. You don’t see as many bumper stickers as ya did in the 70’s and 80’s that’s probably because tattoos are the new bumper stickers. You can probably say the same thing about tattoos. Come to think of it a tramp stamp would look great on my Altima

  2. Anne Bonney says:

    I concur with your observations. In addition, around a university (where I am employed), or among the IR crowd (Intense & relevant), the incidence of bumper stickers seems to increase. But I do kind of like the auto tramp stamp idea.

  3. Too funny! And the person without a bumper sticker? unable to decide? Lacking in opinions? Or just unwilling to bother? Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Where I live, the trend is having stickers on glass not on bumpers. I always peel them off. Why do I have to promote someone else’s business for free? Interesting blog!

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