We interrupt this blog to bring you the World Series of….


“What do you want to be a sailor for? There are greater storms in politics than you will ever find at sea. Piracy, broadsides, blood on the decks. You will find them all in politics.”–David Lloyd George 
Sailing?  Really?!!  If you know me, you were expecting baseball, golf, poker–anything but sailing.  What do I know about sailing?  Put it this way: when I arrived in the San Francisco Bay area Saturday night, I had no idea that the first event in the  America’s Cup World Series 2012-2013 season was going on here this week.  But leave it to my 90-year-old stepmother, Elizabeth, to know exactly what’s going on in her territory.  We hopped on the ferry from Alameda to pier 41 in San Francisco harbor Sunday morning,  found a great and uncrowded vantage point at the end of pier 45,  and watched the final race in the first of 4 series events leading up to next year’s  Louis Vuitton Cup and America’s Cup final.   It was surprisingly colorful and fun to watch, and during the two legs of the race that came right by us, we had a better view than anyone other than the helicopters and seabirds overhead.
The results:  Defending champion Oracle Team USA–Spithill came on with a rush at the finish of the 11-boat  fleetrace but fell three seconds short of the winner, Italian  Team Luna Rosa–Piranha;  but the second place finish was good for a one point victory for  Sptithill over Piranha in the week-long final standings.   The Vuitton cup held here next summer will determine the challenger to Oracle USA for the  34th America’s Cup final in September 2013.


  1. Were they straight legs or bent legs?

  2. Sorry….I think I need to go to bed I’m just being silly now. Sounds wonderful and I love it that you have a 90 year old stepmother who is obviously so on top of it all!

  3. That’s the main reason why I’m glad they have the Olympics every four years too. There’s no better way to find out about new sports or people who have devoted their entire lives to things that you don’t even know anything about. It’s a trip

  4. And I thought the best part of the Olympics was watching the women’s beach volleyball in those…well, never mind.

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