Cosmic Quote #51

“I am fond of pigs.  Dogs look up to us.  Cats look down on us.  Pigs treat us as equals.”–Winston Churchill

He obviously uses my denist

He obviously uses my denist.

This is one of my wife’s favorite quotes.  No wonder she is always calling me a pig.  I’m betting a pig story in Tales of a Veterinary Spouse can’t be too far behind. Stay tuned.  Oink. Oink.


  1. Me likes piggies, too. Mostly on my plate with an apple in their snout. Though they really are adorable

  2. Ah, Sir Winston. Does anyone remember his debate with Lady Astor over a farm bill? He contended that she was hardly qualified to speak on such a subject and probably didn’t even know how many toes a pig has. Lady Astor: “Take off your little shoesies and let’s all have a look.”

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