Cosmic Quote #24

“The creator of the universe works in mysterious ways.  But he uses a base ten counting system and likes round numbers.”–Scott Adams

The most sublime way to say "100."  So what if its only worth $0.02?

The most sublime way to say “100.” So what if its only worth $0.02?

Well, whomever he she or it is, he she or it must love this post–#100 in the short and illustrious history of The Millennium Conjectures.™  Now if only we counted like computer code, in base 2(binary) this would be post #1,100,100 which looks way more impressive.  Then again, every other post would be on a round number and #100 would have come just a couple of weeks into this gig.    The moral of this story–if any of my stories ever had one?  Don’t get too crazy over round numbers, and be glad we don’t have 17 fingers.

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  1. Isn’t 101010 a beautiful number?

  2. Actually, I was right and deleted my mea culpa from the original comment reply. Oh, I get it 101010 in binary translates to 42. I should have expected that. I’d figure out what 101010 is in base 42, but my calculator isn’t big enough! 😉

  3. There are only 10 kinds of people: those who understand binary and those who don’t

    -Seen on a tee-shirt

  4. If we evolved as aquatic animals would we have used base 20? I suppose we would have lost our digits. What do dolphins use?

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