Timeout: The Good, The Bad, and The Ridiculous

“Ukuleles are like your children. The first one, you obsess and protect. By the fourth one, you let them eat high-fructose corn syrup and run with power tools.” — The Interwebs

So what do you suppose we should say about a universe that contains something called The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain–with seven ukes?!   Here is a little ditty–with copious apologies to Ennio Morricone–that is particularly dear in the hearts of me and my poker buddies.  I won’t explain why, because that in itself is beyond ridiculous.  But this should tide you over until the next sublime post, which is still incubating.


  1. The UOGB is really great, aren’t they? When I learned of them, I watched everything they have done. Worth a look.

  2. Indeed. I thought this video was over the top, and then I saw their rendition of “Born to Be Wild!”

  3. Stuart Sackler says:

    Twisted Sister on ukulele is a thing of beauty.

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