Part Two of Our Special Investigative Report

Part Two of this special report reblog. My own monthly guest post on The Blog of Funny Names will appear next week.

The Blog of Funny Names

Hello, and Happy Friday. If you missed yesterday’s part one of this tale, take a looksy here.

The most curious thing about the Registry, is that Mr. Howitzer appears to do his work without the use of a single computer. In his less than flashy office there is desk that is bare except for a well worn beige colored typewriter and some sort of a calculator on each side that he was reluctant to explain (“it is perhaps a tool that requires batteries”). Observing his work over the course of several months, he consults these calculators on a regular basis, as well as having long meetings with middle aged men in suits and hats, like spies from the 60’s, whom he suitably calls his “agents”. These agents appear to roam the world seeking out the funny names of the day.

Besides this agent force, described as being “substantial without…

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  1. Arto really outdid himself here. I love BoFN because we so constantly push the blog in entirely territory. Kind of like what you do on Millennium Conjectures, except it takes 9 of us to do it over there 🙂

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